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At Indigo Learning, our team of education professionals is passionate about helping individuals to reach their optimum learning potential. Our goal is to bring the best of neuroscience research together with good learning practices and develop the essential skills of language, reading, and learning.

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“There have been great strides in the field of neuroscience and education in the past few decades. I am very blessed to be involved in this field and cherish the opportunity to be able to work with students of all ages, ranging in abilities. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the future of learning and education. To date I have not come across any neuroscientific programme that offers the range of cognitive intervention that Fast ForWord does and has the scientific evidence to support the efficacy of the programmes. “

– Loren Leclezio, Clinical Director Indigo Learning
Msc (Med) Neuroscience, Ph.D Scholar, Neuroscience, UCT.