The Story of Fast For Word

The Fast ForWord program is the brainchild of four neuroscientists who set out to accomplish one important mission. Their goal was to create a program that is not only based upon sound neuroscience principles Continue reading

How does dyslexia impact home life? by Joanne Gouaux

Many parents find themselves feeling exhausted and frustrated with the role of homework enforcer and personal tutor.  Homework support for a child with dyslexia adds another item to the ever-expanding to-do list Continue reading

A Fool’s Guide to Living Longer

For centuries, society has been captivated by the idea of a prolonged existence. Attempts to extend human life have ranged from pursuits of mythical substances in ancient times, to more recent stem cell research and anti-aging treatments.

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Indigo Learning | Tech Report

Indigo Learning and the Fast ForWord program featured on the E-news Tech Report, Indigo Learning’s Loren Leclezio tells reporter Jason Greer about the Fast ForWord program and how it assists students with Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia.

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An article written by Loren Leclezio of Indigo Learning for SAALED