The Neuroplasticity Revolution With Dr. Norman Doidge

by Noreen Wiesen

Last week, Scientific Learning (developers of our Fast ForWord(R) programmes) was pleased to host The Neuroplasticity Revolution, a webinar with Dr. Norman Doidge—psychiatrist, psychotherapist, researcher Continue reading

The truth about kids’ screen time and language delay

by Noreen Wiesen

Chances are, you’re doing something else at the same time you’re reading this blog post—at least partially. Divided attention is just part of the programme in today’s “always-on” environment, and being constantly connected usually means spending a lot of time in front of a screen.

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Overcoming Language and Reading Problems: The Promise of Brain Plasticity

by Martha Burns, Ph.D

“There is an endless war of nerves going on inside each of our brains. If we stop exercising our mental skills, we do not just forget them: the brain map space for those skills is turned over to the skills we practice instead. Continue reading

Help Your Young Child Build Literacy

by Beth Connelly, MS CCC-SLP

During the earliest years of life, the brain sets up for learning through the development of language. This foundation has been shown to be the bedrock of school learning and the roadblock to success for many students.

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Girl Brains and Boy Brains: What Educators and Parents Need to Know

by Bill Jenkins, Ph.D.

Many a study has laid out the innate physiological differences between the male and female brain. Michael D. De Bellis and his team of researchers, for example, clearly showed how the maturing brain differs between boys and girls Continue reading