Individualised, award-winning programmes to help with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Dr. Martha Burns on Understanding and Treating Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a serious neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs one?s ability to communicate and interact with others. It also includes restricted repetitive behaviours, interests and activities.

Learners with an ASD often have difficulty perceiving the differences in sounds (an auditory processing disorder), and this is a core component of their attention, memory and language difficulties.

Dr. Michael Merzenich on Autism and Fast ForWord?

Through fun, engaging and motivating exercises carefully designed by learning experts, our programs improve auditory processing, memory, attention and expressive and receptive language skills

Does your child have Autism?

Fast ForWord? software requires a certain level of processing speed and bandwidth to be able to start exercising. Clinicians and scientists are finding that more children than expected on the spectrum have been able to do the Fast ForWord? program. This allows them to ?access? the on-ramp of the program and to benefit from the ?shaping? ? the tiny, incremental steps that the brain requires to be able to change itself. If a child is able to get started, to access, Fast ForWord?, the gains outlined in the chart above are indeed possible.

Interactive, Award-winning programmes

The Fast ForWord? cognitive training program was developed by neuroscientists to develop the cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing.

See how Fast ForWord? Programs have helped children with Autism

Unique, Interactive, Neuroscience-based learning

Activating children?s brains
?I really think this programme pays off and is very much worth while. It made him a better listener in class and like at-home conversations, to take part, too. His comprehension of discussions (say between his siblings) has changed. The link between listening, comprehension and being able to express himself (in connection with what he has heard/decided), has definitely changed.”

? Mia regarding her 17 year old son

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