Individualised, award-winning programmes to help with Dyslexia

Dr. Martha Burns on dyslexia and why it occurs?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterised by difficulty when reading due to problems identifying speech sounds (auditory processing) and learning how they relate to letters and words.

Can Dyslexia be “cured”? What are effective interventions?

More efficient auditory processing is needed to enable one to hear the individual sounds inside words more clearly.

This improved listening accuracy improves word memory integrity and makes it easier for the brain to make automatic matches to the text when decoding, thereby making reading less exhausting, and a lot faster.

Does your child have Dyslexia?

Indigo Learning?uses Fast ForWord? programs to develop the required auditory processing skills.?Thereafter, the focus is on building reading fluency, reading comprehension and finally, reading with metacognition.? This is the ability to read and think about what you are reading and self-correct as you go.

Unique, Interactive, Neuroscience-based learning

“Keelan has been doing Fast ForWord with Indigo Learning for about 4 months now and we have seen the difference! Wish I knew about it earlier, would have saved us thousands in other therapies.”

? Selma Doult, KZN regarding her 11 year old son

“My young boy of 7 years was experiencing difficulties in concentration, attention and problem solving in Grade 1. Within 2 months on Indigo Learning?s programmes his teacher was extremely impressed with the progress Ivan made in class. He was suddenly calmer in class, showed improved concentration, his work was improving tremendously and his marks improved from average to outstanding in his reading, maths and problem solving. I can recommend the course to every child as I am convinced that the programme will prove to be successful.”

? Liesel regarding her 7 year old son

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