Developing critical cognitive skills and reading comprehension.

Fast ForWord? can help pre-school children develop critical language and cognitive skills. The Fast ForWord? pre-school suite is a great way to get children ready to start school.

Build critical foundation skills for Preschoolpreschool

Fast ForWord? Reading Readiness

Introduces Familiarity with Print

Fast ForWord? to Reading Readiness series of exercises builds pre-reading skills, with a focus on phonemic awareness, phonological awareness and the alphabetic principle. It is designed for early literacy?development, helping students who are having trouble moving from the spoken word to the written word.

Based on research of how the brain learns, Fast ForWord? to Reading Readiness exercises use exclusive patented technology to help students build cognitive skills in the context of essential pre-reading skills including:

  • Letter recognition and naming
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Letter-Sound associations

Fast ForWord? Reading Readiness is the initial programme in the Fast ForWord? to Reading series.