Educators change brains. It?s a challenging role, particularly when one considers that every student has different learning strengths and weaknesses. How is it possible to get through to each individual student when what works for one student may not work for another?

Our?Fast ForWord? programmes?have been scientifically proven to improve?auditory processing,?working memory,?attention,?reading, comprehension?and other important brain skills that are required for any type of learning to take place. Whether you choose to implement?Fast ForWord??with a whole year group or just your ?at risk? students, Fast ForWord? represents an engaging, individualised and evidence-based way to give your students a significant learning boost.

Our Reading Assistant? programme is an online personal, interactive reading tutor. Using cutting-edge voice recognition technology, Reading Assistant? actually ?listens? to each student read. If a student stumbles or gets stuck, Reading Assistant? intervenes by saying the word correctly, providing help at the very moment when it?s most effective.

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Special Education Services