Fast ForWord for Acquired Brain Injury and Stroke

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This study involved twelve individuals between the ages of 40 and 78 years who had suffered a stroke with aphasia as a result. The participants received a total of 60 hours of Fast ForWord training for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per day. Participants also received intensive one on one speech therapy for the same amount of time.? They were tested using several measured both before and after the training had taken place.

This study presented mixed results, with some patients showing improvements whilst others did not. With further investigation, the scientists concluded that both the severity and the location of the lesion was a great predictor of whether the treatment would be successful.? More specifically they found that severe-to-moderately impaired patients with lesions restricted to the superior temporal and inferior parietal cortex were seen to improve by 5 to 18% while those with larger lesions that also encompassed perisylvian frontal lobe structures did not improve.?

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