Fast ForWord for Reading

Four-year high school study on reading results

Students in secondary school improved their reading scores from the 13th to the 22nd percentile following the use of the programme and it continued to improve thereafter, extending to the 39th percentile 18 months later.

Multi-year high school study across a range of subject areas ? the Dallas Independent school district study

In this study, students spent 60 days using the Fast ForWord programs during a 5 ? month period. The students showed significant long term effects the programme had on the outcome students? Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) scores. The longitudinal shows that the students? scores were aligned with the State average until the point of commencement of Fast ForWord use. During the period after Fast ForWord use the results show a 40 point difference between Fast ForWord participants scores and the state average score. This difference in scores expanded to a 65 point difference within one year of Fast ForWord use.


Students nearly double their expected gains in reading performance

On average, students who used Fast ForWord programs?made statistically significant gains in their Reading, Language Arts, and Maths skills and exceeded the expected growth norms in all three subject areas.

Multi-year primary school study on reading, language arts, and mathematics

Students in Georgia in the USA achieved significant improvements in their Criterion-Referenced Competency Test scores (reading, language arts, and mathematics) when compared with students who did not participate in the Fast ForWord program. These students also experienced continued improvements over the following years.