Fast ForWord Independent reviews

The Fast ForWord program is one of the most researched educational programs available today. Over 350 research studies have been performed and demonstrate that the program is beneficial to cognitive and language development, even in cases where learners experience difficulty with one or with a number of associated skills. As with any research finding it is important that the results can not only be replicated but that it withstands review by independent parties. This process ensures the overall quality, objectivity and scientific value of the research findings. The research behind the Fast ForWord program has undergone a number of these reviews, most notably those conducted by the Nevada Department of Education and The National Centre on Intensive Intervention

The Nevada Department of Education review

In 2010, The Nevada Department of Education in the US conducted an independent research study of 21 reading programs. They did this in order to determine which program would provide the most remedial value to the schools in their district. The Fast ForWord program was shown to make the largest average impact of all the programs which they reviewed, with students improving by an average of 22 percentile points following training.

The National Centre on Intensive Intervention review

The National Centre on Intensive Intervention (NCII) is an independent organisation who evaluates research studies conducted on educational programs. They evaluate these studies in terms of their quality, results and whether additional research exists to support any of their claims. Three Fast ForWord studies have been reviewed by the NCII, two of which have been ranked as having the largest effect size of any intervention listed on their database. This means that the Fast ForWord series had the greatest impact on the student?s performance in comparison to any of the other programs listed.

These reviews show that the research performed on the Fast ForWord intervention not only withstands critical evaluation by the scientific community but also that it is one of the most effective programs available in supporting cognitive and language skills development.

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