Fast ForWord – Results in Australian Schools

Students aged 5-14 years used the Fast ForWord program in a study conducted by Sonic Learning in four Western Australian primary schools.

The students were split into two groups; a test group who received Fast ForWord training and a control group who did not. Both groups were tested before and after the test group had undergone the training. The students were assessed with the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Fourth Edition ? Australian Standardised Edition (CELF-4), and the Queensland University Inventory of Literacy (QUIL).

These studies found that the students who received Fast ForWord training showed:

  • Improvement in their Literacy Skills, moving from the 12th to 25th percentile
  • Improvement in their Receptive Language Skills, moving from the 12th to 21st percentile
  • Improvement in their Expressive Language Skills, moving from 10th to 18th percentile.