Pre-school (3-6)

Known as the “plastic” stage during normal brain development, these early years are a crucial time to prime the brain for optimal functioning and learning. Our preschool programs target the essential cognitive skills required for effective learning to take place and prepares little ones for the basic principles of fluent reading and comprehension.

Build the Best Foundation for School Success with our neuroscience-based early cognitive training, Kiko’s Thinking Time.

Kiko’s Thinking Time is a tablet and computer-based programme developed by Harvard and UC Berkeley neuroscientists that aims to train cognitive skills necessary for school readiness.

These critical early cognitive skills lay the foundations for early literacy and math acquisition.

Children with strong working memory, inhibition and attentional skills have been found to make larger gains on tests of early math, language and literacy development – Harvard University

The targeted skills include:

Parents follow along their children’s personalised journey

Parents, teachers and caregivers get access to an in-app metrics dashboard where they can follow their children’s progress in each skill area. In addition, they can use our comprehensive web-based portal with more details on these skills and how they can be taught.

Our Fast ForWord Reading Readiness program is designed for early literacy skills and familiarises the preschool student with print, building essential pre-reading skills:

Based on research of how the brain learns, our programs use exclusive patented technology to help students build cognitive skills in the context of essential pre-reading skills.

“There have been great strides in the field of neuroscience and education in the past few decades. I am very blessed to be involved in this field and cherish the opportunity to be able to work with students of all ages, ranging in abilities. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the future of learning and education. To date I have not come across any neuroscientific programme that offers the range of cognitive intervention that Fast ForWord does and has the scientific evidence to support the efficacy of the programmes. ”

– Loren Leclezio, Clinical Director Indigo Learning
Msc (Med) Neuroscience, Ph.D Scholar, Neuroscience, UCT.