Carla van der Merwe

After completing her degree in Optometry at RAU, Carla did her post-graduate diploma on Sports Vision at the University of Johannesburg. She has also completed various courses in pediatric optometry.
Carla has her own private specialty practice where she offers a variety of services including pediatric optometry, special contact lenses, visual training, and myopia control.
Her passion for children with learning difficulties, and reading Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain that Changes Itself, have put her on the path of Fast ForWord.
The success that she has received with Fast ForWord is very exciting, and the program has opened doors for her patients that have never been available before.

Paola Magliano

My name is Paola and I do what I love…I teach! I have 25 years of teaching experience. I started my teaching studies with a four year H.Dip.Ed and after 10 years of teaching in a mainstream primary school, I decided to further my studies and attain a B.Ed (Hons) Special Educational Needs. I also completed other courses along the way – I added to my qualification a TESOL course and a computer IDSL course. I am always on the lookout for educational workshops and seminars. One of the most intense and interesting workshop I attended was a Stark Griffin workshop which focused on dyslexia and ADHD. The best part of teaching is learning and when I say this, I mean I do the learning. As a teacher I believe that there is always room for growth which can only come from learning. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt is that there is no such thing as a lazy individual. He who appears lazy, just finds it challenging. If the brain is trained correctly to overcome any difficulties or inhibitions that are stopping learning, laziness soon turns to a proactive ambition. I love my teaching and would not exchange it for anything. People say they can see my passion for teaching, but to me it comes naturally.