Test 28
"We were very impressed and grateful for a much improved report that she brought home this term and can see the impact of the program."?
Mother from Johannesburg (10 year old daughter)
Test 27
"This course has made huge improvements to Emma?s reading and has also improved her general understanding and taught her not to give up.?In the beginning it was hard for her to settle down and get it done and now she is doing it without any argument, and even enjoying it."
Mother from Johannesburg (9 year old daughter)
Test 26
"This definitely helped Dian ? we have noticed the following: More confident when reading, more confident to sound out a word. Homework used to be an uphill battle, but now?he actually wants to show you what he achieved."?
Mother from Johannesburg (8 year old son)
Test 25
"The language skills were best for him and his progress is excellent. He benefited so much from this that he won an award (merit) for best progress in English recently."
Lucille from Durban (10 year old son)
Test 24
"Ek kan regtig getuig die program werk en dis ?n fantastiese program. Nogmaals baie dankie ek kan die program vir enige iemand aanbeveel."
Mamma (8 year old son)
Test 23
"ALL children have made gains of varying degrees but the majority of children have made significant gains which have made learning in the classroom a lot easier for them, from reading and comprehension to spelling and Maths. Fast ForWord has given these children confidence which normal remedial techniques have not been able to achieve."
Wendy, Teacher, Johannesburg
Test 22
"Since he did the Indigo program, he has been reading more before bedtime and says he is recognising words with understanding from his school work. He feels more confident when having to read passages for learning subjects at school."
Mom (16 year old son)
Test 21
"His reading and comprehension has improved."
Inge (15 year old son)
Test 20
"He is reading faster and his spelling has improved."
Moira (15 year old son)
"He is really enjoying the ?games? and look forward to his sessions everyday. I like the fact that the programme pinpoints priority areas as this assist us in addressing specific needs and areas of intervention."
Ivan from Tanzania (8 year old son)
"After the first 4 weeks of intervention I noted?he is MUCH more comfortable with reading teacher also said he is less reluctant to read. His attention and concentration has improved excited about the fantastic progress."
Sheila from McGreggor (10 year old son)
"Your programme made something ?click? for my son and he has shown improvements in all areas of?functioning. He is much more mature, is able to stay focussed and concentrate, showing pride in his school work.?Even his stuttering has improved dramatically!"
Nicola from Bryanston (9 year old son)
"The results we have seen in just 2 months have been absolutely amazing! Our son has made a 2 year?reading gain and showed significant improvement in his comprehension and phonetic really changed our lives."
Beverley from Constantia (7 year old son)
"Since beginning the programme at the beginning of this year I?ve seen a difference in the way Dayne engages with his work. He seems a lot more?motivated and positive about studying and isn?t as overwhelmed by large volumes of?work a he was in the past. He can now engage with a body of text and pull out relevant information a lot more confidently than he used to. His processing and understanding of information has improved and he happily explains and discusses terms and concepts, something that needed to be drawn out of him previously. He is also reading a lot more, not only academic text, but newspapers, magazines and books. This is something he used to avoid in the past and which he seems to enjoy a lot more these days."
"Just taking one look at a telephone number, rather than having to look at it four times?This is a rather nice result!"
Shannon Kendal (60 years old)
"We have seen a huge improvement in terms of Rebekah?s writing skills and significant improvement in terms of her reading skills. The programme has been very intense and at times Rebekah hasn?t wanted to continue, but she has persevered and the results have been really good."
Julia (8 year old daughter)
"Ek het die games baie geniet en was die beste in Sky Gym, wanneer kan ek met die volgende reeks begin?"
Wian Stander (8 years old)
"After completing Fast ForWord Language, we received a call from our little boy?s teacher to share with us the improvements she has noted in class. He was more attentive and processing new information much faster. In his first school report following there were grade jumps in ALL areas!"
Lindie from George (8 year old son)
"His teacher has already commented that he now takes part in classroom discussions and is able to understand the stories she reads much better. And his spelling is much improved."
Nadine (7 year old son)
"I am enjoying the reading level 5 activities and find them to be very helpful in advancing my ability to notice intricate details."
Susu (21 years old)
"I have seen a huge improvement in his reading since he started Fast Forward training program."
Lynne (9 year old son)
"She enjoys the programme so much and we have seen significant progress."
Sandile (7 year old daughter)
"Nikos has made great strides forward in his comprehension, spelling and memory since doing the programs. His teachers have noticed the difference too."
Christina (11 year old son)
"My young boy of 7 years was experiencing difficulties in concentration, attention and problem solving in Grade 1. Subsequently I requested to join the Indigo learning experience. Within 2 months his teacher was extremely impressed with the progress Ivan made in class. He was suddenly calmer in class, showed improved concentration, his work was improving tremendously and his marks improved from average to outstanding in his reading, maths and problem solving. He is doing extremely well in Grade 2 and his teacher is very pleased with his progress. I can recommend the course to every child as I am convinced that the programme will prove to be successful."
Liesel (7 year old son)
"I really think this programme pays off and is very much worth while. It made him a better listener in?class and like at-home conversations, to take part, too. His comprehension of discussions (say between his?siblings) has changed. The link between listening, comprehension and being able to express himself (in?connection with what he has heard/decided), has definitely changed."
Mia (17 year old son)
"Your programme has made a significant difference in Michaela?s speech and?her ability to follow?instructions. It has given her confidence to speak a lot more. Previously she wasn?t keen to speak that much but?now she is much more confident. The programme is very intense but the results are well worth it. We are very?happy that she is doing it."
Amanda (8 year old daughter)
"She is enjoying the new challenges. She is learning to speed read which is also a good skill."
Lucille (7 year old daughter)
"I do believe he benefited, especially from the reading module as his school report reflects this."
Paula (8 year old son)