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Online Learning Programs That Drive Real Results:

At Indigo Learning our team of professionals bring you the very best online learning programs.

Our programs are backed by years of research into how children learn and they've been proven to get real and lasting results.

Our programs are effortlessly implemented at home with full support from our team of experts.

Our Programs

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Fast ForWord (Gr.R - 12)

Fast ForWord helps struggling readers achieve their full learning potential. This adaptive online reading program has been designed to address the underlying causes of reading difficulties. Fast ForWord combines the science of learning, adaptive technologies and gamification to fast-track results.

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ClearFluency (Gr.R - 12)

Build confident readers, speakers, and lifelong learners with ClearFluency. Fluency is more than reading words on a page. It’s reading with accuracy, appropriate pacing, and expression. Using voice recognition technology, the program acts as a one-on-one tutor to help students improve their reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

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Zorbit’s Math Adventure

Zorbit's is a blended learning platform for K-3 math designed to guide better math learning and help students, and teachers, discover their love for learning math. Through rich tasks, Zorbit’s promotes critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and genuine numeracy development at every student’s level.

Why Indigo Learning?

Research: Our programs are based on over 25 years of research into how the brain learns

Adaptive Technology: Our programs adapt to the student's level with every click of the mouse

CAPS Standards: Our programs have been carefully examined by our team to ensure that they align with the South African curriculum standards

Build confidence: Our programs help to eliminate the anxiety around learning and build lasting confidence

Measurable results and support from our team at every step of the way

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