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Build Better Readers and Speakers with ClearFluency:
A Powerful, personalised online reading tool

Using patented voice recognition technology, ClearFluency listens to students read aloud and provides immediate feedback.

The program acts as a one-on-one reading tutor; helping students to improve their reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary in a three-step reading lesson.

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Build confident readers, speakers, and lifelong learners with ClearFluency. Fluency is more than reading words on a page. It’s reading with accuracy, appropriate pacing, and expression. Using voice recognition technology, the program acts as a one-on-one tutor to help students improve their reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Key Features of ClearFluency

Improves reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary in a three-step reading lesson

Acts as a one-on-one reading tutor by using patented voice recognition technology

Delivers real-time corrective feedback that helps learners to self correct as they read aloud

With over 350 titles to choose from your child is bound to find a book that peaks their interest

Done 100% online, at home, and at your convenience with support from our team

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