Indigo Learning – Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Student Fees:

1.1 Students will only be registered once the registration fee and the first month’s training fees have been paid in full.

1.2. Invoices will be sent out prior to the beginning of the next training month and payment is due no later than the 3rd of that month. If payment is outstanding the student account will be suspended until fees have been paid in full.

1.3. The minimum recommended duration of training is 4 months. Please make the due financial arrangements as the full month’s fees are payable in advance.

1.4. The full month’s fees are due regardless of how often or how little you use the program. Days or weeks skipped cannot be transferred or carried over.

1.5. On average, students take 4-5 months to complete their training (5 day programme), if the student has not completed their training within the minimum registration period then the contract may continue on a month to month basis until such time.


2. Training Protocol:

2.1. Students are required to train for a minimum of 3 days per week, thus a total of 12 days per month. If they surpass 12 days of training in a calendar month they will be charged according to the 20-session (5 day per week) package fees.

2.2. The success of the Fast ForWord programmes are strongly dependent on students abiding by the training protocol – refer to Brain Plasticity research provided.

2.3. If students do not adhere to the set protocol, Indigo Learning reserves the right to remove students from the training at the end of their current training month (which has been paid for).

2.4. The student has to attend at least 85% of their assigned sessions to avoid being suspended from the program.


3. Reading Progress Indicator Assessment:

3.1. Our assessment is reserved for students of 11 years and above.

3.2. It is up to the discretion of the Indigo Learning training consultant to make assessment recommendations.

3.3. Our assessment has not been standardised to South African norms and cannot be used to apply for concessions with the Department of Education.

3.4. The assessment is merely for use by Indigo Learning training consultants and will not be used as a pre- and post-assessment testing tool.


4. Student Licenses:

4.1. The student will have full access to the program and is welcome to train on any day of the registered calendar month.

4.2. Only the registered student will be allowed to use the account and license issued.


5. System and Technical Requirements:

5.1. Please refer to the Technical requirements document and make sure that you meet the device and connectivity requirements.

5.2. Indigo Learning will not be held responsible for any disruption in training that is not due to the availability of our programs.