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Have you ever wondered what that Fast ForWord program is all about? Wondering if it’s worth the investment for your child? In this post we’ll take a look at what Fast ForWord is, how it works and some of the benefits your child could experience from using it. We’ll also dispel some of the myths that are often associated with this program. In this post, we’ll discuss what Fast Forword is and how it can help your child improve their reading, language and cognitive skills. Stay tuned!

Fast ForWord Builds Cognitive and Reading Skills

If you’re a parent, you likely want to do everything possible to help your child succeed in school. One proven way to help improve your child’s reading skills is by using Fast ForWord. This cognitive learning software has been shown to help children with reading disabilities and other challenges learn faster and more effectively by building key cognitive skills. For example, studies have demonstrated that Fast ForWord improves receptive language and selective auditory attention skills. In the classroom these skills lend themselves to better listening, and an improved ability to follow instructions. Studies have also shown that the brain activity of struggling readers start to mimic the brain activity of proficient readers following Fast ForWord training. These studies used fMRI scans to show the changes in brain activity, they constitute very strong proof that the brain can change following Fast ForWord training. 


WATCH: The Reading Brain and the Fast ForWord Program 


How does it work?

Fast ForWord is a cognitive training program that is designed to improve brain function. The program delivers FastForWord exercises via computer games, which gradually become more difficult as the user progresses. Fast ForWord uses an algorithm that adapts to the student’s performance over time. It essentially identifies the participants strengths and weaknesses and adapts their path through the program accordingly. There is a Fast ForWord component suitable for every reading level from Grade R to Grade 12 and beyond. Every exercise targets multiple cognitive, language and reading skills at one time, so that learning takes place faster and more efficiently. Fast ForWord exercises are available online and can be done at any time and anywhere, making it a convenient way to improve learning. 


WATCH: The Science Behind the Fast ForWord Program

Who can benefit?

The program has been shown to be effective in children with dyslexia, autism, and auditory processing disorder. Fast ForWord helps to improve reading skills by providing intensive practice with the basic building blocks of reading, such as phonemic awareness and word decoding. The program also helps to improve working memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing skills; four important cognitive skills that are essential for the development of language and reading. Fast ForWord has helped thousands of children improve their reading skills because of its ability to treat the underlying causes of reading and language difficulties.  


How do I get Started?

Fast ForWord is available in South Africa. Indigo Learning has been the regional provider of Fast ForWord in Southern Africa since 2010. Indigo Learning also brings Fast ForWord to students in countries surrounding South Africa including Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. If you are in South Africa and want to gain access to the Fast ForWord program, contact Indigo Learning at +27 81 488 5182 or via email at